If you’re a fan of Football Clubs, then you’ll likely want to know the latest news about everything ranging from fixtures to trades, and from coaching changes to fan news. Arguably the most important news is about the results of fixtures. After all, that’s what determines the records of our favorite Football Clubs. But that’s just the start. There’s lots of other news out here, such as trade rumors. It’s critical for any true fan to have the latest news regarding players and clubs, in order to maintain that status.

Here’s some breaking news about Football Clubs’ possible personnel changes. Manchester United won’t be bringing back Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Manchester City has almost completed a deal that will help them to acquire Kevin de Brunyne, winger for Chelsea. Meanwhile, multiple teams seem to be interested in acquiring Petr Cech (Chelsea’s goalkeeper) this summer. Also, Rio Ferdinand is determining whether he’ll play for his current team for another year, or whether he’ll transfer to the Middle East or America. There’s also been plenty of news involving the Managers of Football Clubs. Harry RedKnapp will be quitting as the manager of Queens Park Rangers. On the other hand, Saido Berahino, striker for West Bromwich Albion was able to impress Tony Pulis. Next, Danny Rose, defender of Totenham Hotspur seems to be enjoying the tenure under his manager Mauricio Pochettino.  In other Manager news, Gus Poyet of Sunderland has revealed that he was upset with the referee Mike Jones following the 0-0 final against West Brom. In an interesting development, John Carver (Newcastle manager) apologized to Manchester United fans after being blanked 5-0.

Finally, Saturday at Chelsea was about “building bridges.” This was due to a racist event that occurred last week in Paris. Chelsea was once notorious for having supporters like the one involved in the incident in France’s capital. The team expressed that the events were particularly disturbing because 60% of the team is now Black, and the majority of the youth team players are as well. The event follows an event in 2012 during which John Terry, the team captain, was accused of abusing defender Anton Ferdinand due to his race.  The captain has criticized the racists in Paris, referring to incident as “unacceptable.” The person involved in the incident has served as a doorman since 2009 at the pub where over a century ago the founding of the Chelsea Football Club took place. He noted that he and others believe that the racists involved should have their membership suspended.

Even if you’re not normally a fan of gossip, if you’re a fan of Football Clubs then you’d probably like to be up-to-date about news regarding every aspect of the sport—including fixtures, players, trades, coaches, managers, and even fans.  Even missing a day of such news can keep you out of the loop regarding what’s happening in the world of Football Clubs. On the other hand, if you’re in the know then you’ll be able to stay informed about major events related to Football Clubs.